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Is there a way I can download all you sweet tunes??

Unfortunately, they’re a bit everywhere in my computer… and in multiple formats (MIDI, mp3, wav, everything goes). I’ll make a shared folder with everything in it eventually, but it’s going to take a while, sorry.

I think the only folder I’ve shared is the one with all the soundtracks from the game I made last year

In the meantime, I think you can use DownloadHelper to download the ones on tumblr one by one.

I also have an old soundcloud I haven’t used in months you can download stuff from, too.

How did you make the sweater? What's the crochet technique???

1. Overview

Basically, I made a set of rectangles in crochet using a half double crochet stitch (I said in this post that I used single crochet but it really is a half double crochet stitch. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matters as long as you can copy a design line by line, and change colors).

Then, I sew the rectangles together using this sweater model :

The parts are then stitched like so:

(measurements and patterns at the end)

2. How to crochet the rectangles?

2.1. Overview
To crochet a rectangle, you need to make what one calls a chain for the first row, and then crochet the remaining rows with the half double crother stitch.
2.2. First row
Here’s a great video explaining it all:  (first part: chain stitch, up to 0:45)
2.3. Other rows
Another great video explaining the half double crochet stitch: 
2.4. Changing color
This is very important to make a design. When you arrive at end of your half double crochet, you are in this configuration, with 4 loops around your crochet:

Normally, you would have to take the last loop with the crochet and yank it throught the remaining 3 loops, and onward to another half double crochet stitch, etc.
But there, you’re only going to yank it through the first 2 loops, so that you arrive at this configuration:

Then, you take another piece of yarn (the color you want), 
or yarn.

and yank it through the remaining 2 loops. You can now continue to stitch normally with the new piece of yarn.

3. How to sew the parts together?
Exactly as you would sew two pieces of fabric together, only using the crochet and the same half double crochet stitch. You can use a yarn needle too, it’s probably simpler. I didn’t have one so I kept the crochet!
To have a nice, almost seamless finish, sew the two FACES together (i.e. not what will be the inside of the sweater).

4. Patterns

I made the patterns in pixel art, for the xenomorph head and the facehugger.  I had to change the patterns a bit while stitching because I messed up at some point (I stitched the same line twice!).

5. Measurements and various data
I used a 5.5 mm steel crochet with a 6mm yarn.

To make the measurements, I stitched the first row and roughly checked along if it fitted my measurements.
It’s not very precise, but in the end it worked. Here’s what I got:

Don’t hesitate to modify the number of stitches and rows. What’s important is that the rectangles fit together (for instance, the height of the front should be the same than the height of the back) when you sew them at the end.

Super tip: to keep track of the row, I had the pixel art drawings opened in an image editing program, and filled the rows already done in black.

/!\ I was surprised when I saw how wide the shoulder holes (and subsequently the sleeves) needed to be. So much that I had to keep holes under the armpits. To me, it’s fine if the parts are too wide, but it’s not if they squeeze your
blood out!

A little word about the time: I won’t lie, crocheting it’s very long. I’m not the quickest at crochet and it took me around 30 hours and like two dozens balls of yarn. But it’s awesome to see your work evolving under your hands,
and then you get to wear what you’ve done!
It’s also important to stay decontracted and work in a well-lit environment to prevent neck, shoulder and back pain.

I hope this was helpful.
Don’t hesitate to ask more questions if something is still unclear!

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Here it is. Xenomorph sweater! The sleeves aren’t very long, so it’s perfect for those fresh spring evenings.
Complete with a facehugger coiled around one sleeve!

I still have the sleeves to stitch, but… I like it that way already.

What's new ?

Oh, I’m fine, thank you. Almost finished with that alien sweater I’ve been making. What about you, Anon?

I hope this is permanent

Finished a facehugger for the sleeve. The tail is supposed to turn around the wrist once it’s sewn, but… Well, I’ll see if it works or not later.

I used this 60 x 64 image:

Finished a facehugger for the sleeve. The tail is supposed to turn around the wrist once it’s sewn, but… Well, I’ll see if it works or not later.

I used this 60 x 64 image:

Oh my god I love the xenomorph sweater you're making. Where did you get the pattern?

I made it myself!

I’m using a 64x64 pixels drawing for the front of the sweater:

I think what I’m using is a single crochet stitch (EDIT: in fact, this is a half double crochet stitch!), from bottom to top, row after row, changing colours as I go.

I don’t know if I’ve answered your question properly. Don’t hesitate to ask for more info if you’d like!


Now to make the sleeves, the shoulders, and the back…


Now to make the sleeves, the shoulders, and the back…